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Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX
‘This is TKD’ ~ DVD & Book
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Rhee Ki Ha is a legend within Taekwon-Do. Arguably the most knowledgeable and senior ITF Taekwon-Do master alive today.

He began his Taekwon-Do career in 1958 and has been practising and teaching ever since! He was described by General Choi Hong Hi (the Founder of Taekwon-Do) as it's "best ever student", and was the first ever person to be promoted to 9th Degree (Grand Master) by the Founder.

In this first ever instructional work from one of the great pioneers of the art, he examines the ITF colour belt syllabus in depth. Beginning with a full-colour 192 page book packed with insights and combined with a ground-breaking software DVD. This DVD, designed to work on your home computer, comes packed with over 2.5 hours of HD video teaching, exploring subjects as diverse as conditioning, sparring and theory of power for the colour belt student.

In addition to this, a revolutionary interactive 3D engine provides a never before experienced way of studying the patterns. With movements motion-captured from 7th Degree Masters using cutting edge technology, and edited extensively by First Grand Master Rhee, the 3D guide enables you to view the patterns from every possible angle, speed up, slow down, zoom in and much much more.

With spoken Korean terminology for each movement and English translations, floor plans and foot steps, this is an indispensable aid to the student.

This is Taekwon-Do!

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