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Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX
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FGMR was invited by to conduct a special celebration seminar to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Stonehenge Taekwon-Do School, the schools instructor Senior Master O’Neill VIII Dan said the seminar was a huge success with around 140 members attending from 10th Kup up to Masters’.

The seminar was held Stonehenge local area on Saturday 28th June 2014.

FGMR was also treated to a small private celebration meal with selected students from the Stonehenge School’s past and present.

Jade Everyone.jpg IMG_1418.JPG IMG_1497.JPG FGMR Correcting.jpg Stonehenge 40th Anniversary Seminar with FGMR
July 2014 - Stonehenge
FGMR taking student through 
Step Sparring
ACE, FGMR. Seminar, Sep 14100.JPG

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha was invited to conduct an open International Seminar & Blackbelt grading at the Shawlands Academy in Glasgow on 6th & 7th September 2014.

Hosted by A.C.E. Taekwon-Do and assisted by it’s Founder & President Grand Master Paul Cutler, other ACE Masters’ were present to offer their support and assistance when needed, Senior Master O’Neill VIII from England, Senior Master Kavanagh VIII Dan from Ireland and Master Blackburn VII Dan from England.

Attendees from all over the UK and abroad enjoyed the vast knowledge FGMR had to offer with an educational intense 1.5 day training seminar finishing off with a Grading examination on the Sunday afternoon.

All were invited to a social gathering in Glasgow on the Saturday evening with FGMR at a local Chinese restaurant.

ACE, FGMR. Seminar, Sep 14031.JPG ACE, FGMR. Seminar, Sep 14039.JPG FGMR Int Course Dinner Sept 2014.jpg IMG_20140906_220332.jpg FGMR International Course & Grading
Glasgow - 6th -7th September 2014
FGMR explaining how to perform upset punch correctly
in Kwang-Gae
FGMR teaching Senior Patterns to International Instructors
FGMR with Host A.C.E.’s Founder & President
Grand Master Paul Cutler & A.C.E. Vice-President
Senior Master Ray O’Neill
FGMR showing his fantastic approachable character
talking to colourbelt students at the
Evening meal.
FGMR showing blocking with the feet
FGMR & Flag.jpg ACE, FGMR. Seminar, Sep 14015.JPG
FGMR explaining Pulling Release in Hwa- Rang
TKD-Grand-Master-seminar-19OCT14-144.jpg TKD-Grand-Master-seminar-19OCT14-219.jpg
Hosting Instructor Mr. Stuart Pearson II Dan
having his Taekwon-Do book signed by
FGMR Seminar in Coventry (Where TKD started in the UK)
19th October 2014
TKD-Grand-Master-seminar-19OCT14-299-pana.jpg TKD-Grand-Master-seminar-19OCT14-084.jpg

FGMR was invited by to conduct a seminar in Coventry on the 19th October 2014, hosted by Mr. Stuart Pearson II Dan on behalf of TSUK. The seminar was well attended by over 100 members ranging from 10th Kup through to VII Dan Master.

Local Instructors enjoyed an excellent opportunity to host FGMR to an authentic Chinese meal at a local restaurant the evening prior to the seminar.

Coventry the place where FGMR first started Taekwon-Do were proud to bring him back to Taekwon-Do’s birth place in the UK. A fantastic weekend was had by all.

TSTUK FGMR Meal Restaurant.jpg TKD-Grand-Master-seminar-19OCT14-197.jpg
Local Instructor invite FGMR & SM O’Neill to a celebration dinner
FGMR teaching, educating, correcting, advising and answering questions during Seminar
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