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Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX
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11-18th April 2015

The 60th Anniversary week was a busy one for ITF-TAO Canada as we hosted First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. The week started out with a Taekwon-Do 60th dinner celebration on April 11th and then a Technical Seminar on April 18th. Over 100 instructors and students gathered in Oakville, Ontario for 4 hours of technical guidance form First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. Participants we not only from Ontario but Instructors from Pennsylvania, California and Colorado were also in attendance. We look forward to our next training with FGMR, the International Instructors Course in Canada in January of 2016.

Canada-01.jpg Canada-02.jpg Canada-03.jpg Canada-04.jpg Canada-05.jpg DUNDEE CELEBRATION SEMINAR 
16th May 2015
Dundee Seminar-01.jpg Dundee Seminar-02.jpg Dundee Seminar-04.jpg Dundee Seminar-03.jpg

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha & Grand Master Paul Cutler accepted an invitation by Dundee Instructors Miss Zoe Tate V  Dan & Mr Robert Dolan V Dan  to conduct a seminar as part of  Taekwon-Do’s 60th Anniversary celebrations, as well as their own 21st anniversary of  teaching together & their 17th Anniversary of being under the guidance and support of both First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha and Grand Master Paul Cutler.

The days celebrations commenced with a fantastic seminar chiefly conducted by FGMR with great input by Grand Master Cutler every one enjoyed a great seminar with both Grand Masters.

The days celebrations concluded with a fantastic evening meal and dance, where everyone enjoyed the celebrations until the early hours.

FGMR, ACE, IIC Sept 2015-01.jpg

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha was invited to conduct an open International Seminar & Blackbelt grading at the Shawlands Academy in Glasgow on 5th & 6th September 2015

Hosted by A.C.E. Taekwon-Do and assisted by it’s Founder & President Grand Master Paul Cutler, also to offer support was Senior Master O’Neill VIII from England.

Attendees from all over the UK and abroad enjoyed the vast knowledge FGMR had to offer with an educational intense 1.5 day training seminar finishing off with a Grading examination on the Sunday afternoon.

A.C.E. Hosted a 60th Anniversary Dinner Dance for the Saturday evening. ACE’s Presdient Grand Master Cutler presented FGMR with a solid Bronze plate to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Taekwon-Do.

FGMR International Course & Grading
Glasgow - 5th -6th September 2015
Solid Bronze Plate presented to FGMR
To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of TKD
FGMR, ACE, IIC Sept 2015-21.jpg FGMR, ACE, IIC Sept 2015-04.jpg FGMR Bronze Plate.jpg 10623956_973839739342994_2253538202176775068_o.jpg 11947932_973838219343146_8353347408775858046_o.jpg 12003927_973840416009593_7145216201262656278_n.jpg FGMR, ACE, IIC Sept 2015-12.jpg
ACE’s Founder & President Grand Master Paul Cutler presenting FGMR
With the solid Bronze plate to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of TKD
A small selection of photos showing FGMR
Conducting the International Seminar,
Offering his vast wealth of knowledge and information
60th Anniversary Celebration Seminar 
3rd October 2015 - Stonehenge
60th FGMR Blackbelts.jpg 60th FGMR Colourbelts.jpg 60th Anniversary Gift to FGMR-01.jpg 60th FGMR Meal Jade.jpg

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha was invited and hosted by Senior Master Ray O’Neill VIII Dan to conduct a 60th TKD Anniversary celebration seminar at his venue in Stonehenge.

Two separate seminars took place, a Colourbelt & a Blackbelt seminar, both were very well attended.

Students came from all over the UK - Wales, Midlands, Southern England, Essex and the Isle of White.

FGMR was treated to a celebration meal at a local Chinese Restaurant attended by local young Blackbelts from the Stonehenge School.

Everyone had a fantastic day in the presence of FGMR, for many it was their first ever meeting of him, all of which were simply bowled over being in his company.

60th FGMR Blackbelts - 17.jpg 60th FGMR Colourbelts-04.jpg
Local Blackbelts from Stonehenge School treating FGMR with a celebration
Dinner at the ‘Jade’ Restaurant in Salisbury
60th Anniversary gift presented to FGMR
By Mrs Anita O’Neill II Dan on behalf of
All students from the Stonehenge School
Full house of Coloubelt students attending the Seminar & FGMR teaching finer points to colourbelt Student
Top table at the 60th Anniversary Dinner Dance
60th Anniversary Celebration Seminar 
Trondheim, Norway on the 17th & 19th October 2015
Group Photo.jpg

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of TaeKwon-Do, ’Nidaros TaeKwon-Do School’and ’Norges Kampsportforbund’ (The Norwegian Martial Arts Federation) invited members to a seminar with First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha in Trondheim, Norway on the 17th & 19th October 2015.

He was assisted by Master Ingar Eilertsen from Kolbotn, Norway.

Participants from 15 different schools was present on the seminar, an International TaeKwon-Do Family regardless of affiliation and organization.

All participants learnt a great deal from FGMR & received hands-on corrections or confirmation on techniques during the seminar, especially all the releasing techniques.

Participants were in awe to the vast knowledge of FGMR.

Prior to the certificate presentations two of the participants that had shown best efforts during the seminar, received a gift from FGMR of his famous Flying Two Direction Kick (Split Kick) Poster, the award for Dan grade was given to Orjan Ring from ’Oppdal Taekwon-Do School’ and for Kup grade Sarah Minervini from ’Trondheim NTN TaeKwon-Do School’.

We sincerely hope that we will be able to experience another seminar in Norway with FGMR in the near future.

Norway-01.jpg Norway-02.jpg Norway-03.jpg Norway-04.jpg Norway-05.jpg
Two students receiving gifts from FGMR his Flying Two Direction Kick (Slit Kick) Poster,
Orjan Ring (Dan)  & Sarah Minervini (Kup)
FGMR teaching technical aspects of Pattern Movements during Seminar
FGMR & Grand Master Cutler with hosts Robert Dolan & Zoe Tate
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