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Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX
29th ~ 31st January 2016 - Canada

Our 2nd International Instructors Course with First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha took place on January 29-31 in Oakville, Ontario with instructors and assistant instructors from across North America.

Everyone enjoyed three days of first class tuition from First Grand Master Rhee covering training secrets, fundamental movements, patterns, counting and the proper way to command class as well as some interesting TKD historical stories.

On the Saturday evening FGMR was treated to a dinner with the Executive of ITF-TAO. After the IIC on Sunday a promotion test was held for candidates for 4th and 6th Dan

FGMR Canada 2016.jpg F.G.M.R. Visits Nicaragua
5th ~ 7th February 2016

On the weekend of February 5th, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha conducted a technical seminar for the Instructors and students of

ITF-TAO Nicaragua.

The event was organized by ITF-TAO Nicaragua President 5th Dan Mr. Pierson Solis.

FGMR was accompanied by Technical Director Mr. Mike Morningstar and Mr. Sean Sutton Vice President USA.

Keeping true to the teachings of the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, FGMR drilled the participants on correct sine wave and the proper application of techniques.

By the end of the training everyone was exhausted but motivated in their efforts to keep Chang Hun Taekwon-Do alive in it’s purist form.

A promotion test was also held after the seminar.

Congratulations to all those who were successful in their quest for higher Dan levels.

Peterborough 5th March 
FGMR Peterborough 2016-02 (Full Size).jpg FGMR Peterborough 2016-03.jpg

A.C.E. Taekwon-Do hosted F.G.M.R. For a special seminar to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the ITF Founded by Gen Choi on the 22nd March 1966.

All participants enjoyed a 4 hour seminar covering many aspects of Taekwon-Do including clarification of the 6 Releasing motions incorporated in Taekwon-Do.

Later in the evening several hosted FGMR to a celebration Dinner at the Bull hotel in Peterborough.

During the evening Dinner FGMR announced the promotion of  Steven Proctor to ‘7th Dan Master’. A great weekend was had by all.

Steve Proctor.jpg FGMR Peterborough 2016-01.jpg INTERNATIONAL COURSE & GRADING 
IIC Australia 2016.jpg

FFifty (50) practitioners from 5 countries & 4 Australian states attended the 2016 FGMR IIC. First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, Pioneer & Father of European Taekwon-Do, was in fine form as he covered all 24 patterns, philosophy, Theory of Power & Step-Sparring.

At the end of the Course 7  members were promoted to various Dan levels, in particular FGMR promoted his Son Master Andrew Rhee (the President of ITFA & host to the IIC) to VIII Dan Senior Master.

During FGMR’s stay in Australia FGMR also conducted the Official opening of Senior Master Andrew Rhee’s brand new purpose built Do-Jang, which is now the Official HQ for ITFA, as well as conducting special training lessons and a colourbelt grading in the new Do-Jang

Promotions Australia 2016.jpg FGMR Opening Do-Jang-02.jpg FGMR Colourbelt Grading.jpg FGMR BB Seminar.jpg SM Rhee Do-Jang.jpg
Blackbelt members during the International Course

Senior Master Andrew Rhee’s ITFA HQ

 With FGMR officially declaring the brand new Do-Jang Open

Newly Promoted Members of ITFA
Colourbelt Grading conducted in SM Rhee’s Do-Jang
13495274_589775007863456_7425435935810543385_n.jpg 13466218_589517957889161_5912740419508732362_n.jpg 13508947_590726624434961_1092319470804460_n.jpg

FGMR was invited to Ottawa Canada in June to officially open the 2016 CanAm Championships on the 25th June, FGMR was invited to the Johnsons TKD on the eve of the championships & enjoyed an evening celebration meal.

13533265_589953994512224_5944187362234304871_n.jpg 13508938_589527704554853_7543972427867968833_n.jpg
FGMR Officially Opens the 2016 Can Am Championships
FGMR Arrives in Ottawa
FGMR enjoys celebration Dinner
FGMR visiting Johnson’s TKD on June 24th
Ottawa Canada
BB Dinner Sept 2016-01.jpg Dangimyo Pulgi.jpg FGMR & SMO.jpg FGMR & students.jpg Award Jim Chalmers.jpg Award to GMPC.jpg
FGMR with GM Paul Cutler and Senior Masters O’Neill & Blackburn
Saturday evening Dinner
FGMR explaining technical aspects during seminar with GM Cutler
And Miss Jemma Wells IV Dan
FGMR Presenting Grand Master Cutler IX Dan with a special
ITF 50th Golden Jubilee Award
FGMR Presenting host Jim Chalmers V Dan with a special
ITF 50th Golden Jubilee Award
FGMR & Senior Master O’Neill discussing course aspects
FGMR explaining ‘Pulling Release’ in Hwa-Rang

Many students from the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland & Europe participated in a fantastic International Seminar held in Glasgow on the weekend of 3rd & 4th September 2016.

The seminar mainly focused on ‘Back to Basics’ whereupon FGMR reiterated the importance of fundamental movements for correct development of Taekwon-Do.

During the weekend all attended a special Golden Jubilee dinner on Saturday evening where FGMR presented special Golden Jubilee awards to ACE’s President Grand Master Paul Cutler IX Dan & the host Mr. Jim Chalmers V Dan.

The Sunday involved completion of the course and the grading exam in the afternoon where several members were promoted to Black belt higher ranks.

 September Glasgow UK

First Grandmaster Rhee visited Galway on the 1st October, the picturesque capital of the West of Ireland to conduct a seminar, in celebration of the ITF Golden Jubilee. Under the invitation of Master Shane Fitzgibbon, chief instructor of Connacht Taekwon-Do Schools and, also, a proud ACE member, FGMR experienced true Irish hospitality while sharing his unique knowledge of Taekwon-Do.

The seminar was held at the Menlo Park Hotel & Conference centre. FGMR arrived accompanied by Gm Paul Cutler ACE’s President on Friday, 30th September to a red carpet greeting at the Hotel, a wonderful meal was enjoyed by all, and the scene was set for the day to come.

On Saturday morning, 100 students from seven different organisations across the country were lined up ready to experience the depth of knowledge of the First Grandmaster. The atmosphere was electric, this was a truly unifying event, with everyone coming together as one Taekwon-Do family to experience FGMR.

14448980_1105511609502760_8047396345494783377_n.jpg 14516456_1105159192871335_2625933184178048200_n.jpg 14494860_1105511626169425_1021485939149488353_n.jpg 14522968_1105511569502764_1533566333690608267_n.jpg

They weren’t disappointed. 100 people trained, sat and listened to FGMR relate stories of General Choi and the early days of Taekwon-Do, asked questions, and remembered why they started Taekwon-Do in the first place. After the seminar ended, there was ample time for autographs, photographs, and Q&A. FGMR was incredibly generous with his time and allowed everyone a chance to speak with him. Master Fitzgibbon presented FGMR with a unique stone carving, designed and hand-sculpted specifically for the event, as a token of appreciation and respect. He also drew FGMR’s attention to the fact there were members from seven different Irish organisations, present - illustrating the high regard in which FGMR is held in Ireland.

That evening a number of the seminar attendees joined FGMR and the other Masters for a wonderful banquet. After the meal, and toast to FGMR, the First Grandmaster made some presentations to attendees of the seminar. FGMR made a presentation to Master Fitzgibbon of a beautiful International Taekwon-do Golden Jubilee plaque, in appreciation for his efforts promoting Taekwon-Do and organising the seminar.

After the meal, entertainment was provided by the local Taekwon-Do students. Centralised with an Irish theme, FGMR and guests were treated to a variety of Irish folk singing/guitar-playing, Flute-playing, Viola-playing, and Irish Dancing. Not to be outdone, a number of the visitors offered some magic and a poetry recital. FGMR was so moved by the cultural sharing, that he reciprocated by singing Korean Folk song, "Arirang" - unique, in that it is sung on both sides of the 38th Parallel. It was truly a memorable evening.

14494817_1105916816128906_8803602817213159129_n.jpg 14495347_10153975415374856_1319505934535914182_n.jpg 14448866_1105916976128890_8626011670302461493_n.jpg GOLDEN JUBILLEE SEMINAR
Galway Ireland 1st October
Stonehenge ~ 12th November 2016
Group Photo All.jpg

FGMR travelled to Stonehenge in Wiltshire on the weekend of 12th November to conduct his final Golden Jubilee Seminar of 2016.

On the Friday evening local Blackbelts enjoyed a lovely celebration dinner with FGMR at a local restaurant, we all had a toast to Gen Choi with Gen Choi’s favourite tipple of, a specially decorated bottle of Jonnie Walker Black Label Whiskey.

The following day on a cold wet Saturday morning 120 students travelled from around the UK to be with FGMR to celebrate this Golden Jubilee year.

After introductions & a minutes silence in memory of Gen Choi,  FGMR made his welcoming speech where he paid tribute to the tireless efforts of Gen Choi in creating this International Organisation 50 years ago, he then changed the format to make a special announcement, the  announcement was for a double celebration as he announced the promotion of one of his senior students Ray O’Neill to Grand Master IX Dan.

Grand Master O’Neill being FGMR’s second Grand Master was overwhelmed and truly humbled by the occasion, FGMR further presented GM O’Neill with a special Golden Jubilee award.  

(The first Grand Master promoted by FGMR was GM Paul Cutler who we were all pleased to have him present too on this Golden Jubilee Double celebration)

FGMR changed into Do-Bok and spent the rest of the seminar giving us his wealth of knowledge about the history of International Taekwon-Do and Gen Choi, this seminar although cold was as one Master said “The atmosphere was Red Hot”.

The seminar finished with certificate presentations and each School having their personal photos with FGMR. - Certainly a day to remember

Golden Jubilee Seminar Stonehenge-03a.jpg Golden Jubilee Seminar Stonehenge-06.jpg Receiving IX Dan.jpg FGMR Award.jpg FGMR I Gen Choi.jpg Golden Jubilee Seminar Stonehenge-31a.jpg
FGMR being welcomed into the Do-Jang with Grand Master Paul Cutler and Host Grand Master O’Neill
FGMR making his welcoming speech
FGMR giving us his wealth of knowledge during seminar
Grand Master Ray Oneill receiving his Certificate & belt from FGMR
Celebration Dinner with Specially decorated Bottle of
Jonnie Walker Black Label - Gen Choi’s favourite Drink
FGMR Golden Jubilee Award
Presented to GM Ray ONeill
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